Normally our budget  relies heavily on face-to-face membership activities.       In 2020, we had no ticket revenues and we asked for no membership dues.  
            We chose not to burden members who might be worried about meeting their own budgets 
                   All of the amazing substitute online programming access of 2020 was provided 
                      at no cost to our long term supporters. (See the Review of Last Season link.) .
                         All of us receive many pleas for support on this special day 
                                     We know you must make choices
     Because you have proven your support for La Senora’s mission, we hope the        
            Grants described below will give you extra incentive to support us
                          Five of our Donors are Offering Challenge Grants 
 Match:   Donations made toward upgrading the audio visual used for lectures, film and concerts will be matched up to $2500.

 Match: Restoration of Historic Tile - Our priceless 1930s Encaustic Clay Tiles are breaking. The Restoration Crew advised yet more will break as we lift rows of tiles to shave down massive tree roots to get flat base. Then the tiles require sealing with a transparent but gritty sealer used by governments to seal sidewalks without making them slippery. This is an every 20-year task. The expertise has been volunteered by our members, but there are substantial labor and materials costs. We started reserving funds in 2019 for this task.

On Giving Tuesday. if you wish to give to these, or any other La Senora program, our PayPal and/or credit card llink allows you to specify your donation's purpose.