About the Collections:
The history of the land explored by La Senora must be viewed as an archeologist surveys any site where the ‘timeline’ reflects differing cultures having occupied the site.  The existence of this multi-cultural ‘Timeline’ is part of what makes La Senora’s surroundings so unique.  Our Collections reflect the diversity of the layers of settlement from the 1770s Alta California through the Salon Era of the 1930s through the Golden Age of Movies 1950.
La Senora’s  Collection Projects provide researchers, other organizations and individuals access to hidden pieces of the past.  As we digitize our records we join with other organizations producing ‘finding aids’ to ephemera collections throughout California institutions.
We welcome the opportunity to consider any materials you have pertaining to the following areas of interest:
1770-1850 Alta California Settlement:  Relevant concurrently timed materials in English, Spanish, French and Russian are accepted.  We collect letters, diaries, maps, books, advertisements, biographical materials on Californios.
1850-1935 Santa Monica Region (Malibu, Topanga, Pacific Palisades, SM and Rustic Canyons, Brentwood, Santa Monica) photographs, books, letters, diaries, maps, advertisements, announcements, brochures, catalogs, menus, pamphlets, theater programs, clippings, bylaws, flyers, tickets, travel guides, and more. Collections represent California events ranging from earthquakes to parades; biographical files on both well-known and little-known Californians.
1910-1950 The Golden Age of Film:  This Collection is focused on the films of Jose Mojica, Anita Loos, Mary Loos Sale and Lyle Wheeler, all residents of La Senora’s Mojica Hacienda.  However, these individuals had so many interactions within the worlds of Music, film, literature, photography, media, business, philosophy, and science, that our scope of collecting expands to include materials on those who frequented the Hacienda in the days of its creative residents. 
La Senora’s Collection Projects are currently funded from our Operations budget.  We are seeking a Donor, Sponsor or knowledge of a source for grant funding to increase our outreach and ability to be responsive to ephemera donors.  We welcome all suggestions.
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