2017 is an unusual year for La Senora Research Institute's activities.  Instead of having onsite educational programs during the summer, we are focusing on bringing our Patron Level Members more of the small group access to the donor membership events of our affiliated organizations.  All membership donations received during 2017 will be directed to the establishment of a Federal Register listing of our Historic Preservation District consisting of the Mojica Hacienda and the1840s Ranch Era Cemetery with its Native Garden Entrance .

Memberships are available through this site via PayPal.  You may also send a check to La Senora at 560 E. Channel Road, Santa Monica, CA 90402.   
Patron Members looking for information on Patron Member invitations, please contact events@lasenora.org  
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Amigo Membership
Price: $65.00
S/H: $0.50
Santa Monica Beach - Proceeds go to historic cemetery
Price: $40.00
S/H: $3.00
Student Membership Grade 5-12
Price: $10.00
S/H: $0.00
Aficionado Membership
Price: $150.00
S/H: $1.50
Price: $2,500.00
S/H: $0.00
Conservadore Membership
Price: $500.00
S/H: $0.00
Empresario Membership
Price: $250.00
S/H: $0.00