Patron Level Events

Members who provide the underlying overhead support or who sponsor activities at La Senora
receive some extraordinary opportunities to be involved with Curator-led exhibitions at world-class museums. 
The organizations that collaborate with La Senora's cultural history  programs, are known throughout the world for their own excellence.
A sampling of these activities includes invitation only events at The Huntington, The Autry, The Getty Research Institute, The Cotsen Institute and the Colburn Foundation.
Small group tours of exhibitions, led by the curator of the event, have been a highlight as has the look behind the scenes as the Getty Research Institute's conservation facilities and projects.
While La Senora's Mojica Hacienda and botanical gardens are only open during the summer educational season, the research work goes on all year.  Your membership supports that work.  
Please contact if you are interested in Patron Member Events, either as a participant or as a potential Leader of those events to which we may take more than 2-4 people.  Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.