La Señora is run entirely by volunteers and interns.  Our highly professional programs are accomplished through the work of those who serve as events staff, administrative assistants, researchers, graphics artists, PR support and yes, even those, who just come in to toil awhile at the mundane chores of keeping everything organized.

   It's apparent that this organization could not exist without our dedicated volunteers.  We try to thank these supporters in many small ways, but somewhat to our own surprise, we realize we do not always do so in public or by recognizing them enough in our printed materials or this website.
   Some -- actually far more than we would have suspected -- prefer to remain anonymous in this time of the guarding of one's privacy. So let us document right now and right here, our warmest thank you to all those volunteers. Even when you chose to remain invisible -- we see you and appreciate your work.
   We will be updating this page by adding a link page aimed at current volunteers giving details of some events, training and other opportunities designed especially for them.

   Volunteerism is a welcome and honorable activity at any age of course, but we particularly want to encourage local students and younger adults who have an interest in supporting activities for the community and local research to join us if they can offer a little time or assistance.

Please do sign up to be a La Señora Volunteer in 2023!
No task is too small for us to be grateful for!

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