It would be an understatement to simply say that
"2020 and 2021 were 'different kind of years'"
Nothing could really prepare our community for the abrupt cancellation of the entire 2020 educational season’s programming. One by one falling victim to the Coronavirus were our lectures, films, and even our outdoor concerts. The field trips for school children so vital to our mission of telling California history also had to be abandoned. And just when we hoped Covid was gone -- another wave came and the 2021 Season had to be cancelled too. 
Yet there were two Highlights to 2021 
Our  Rancho Boca de Santa Monica book by Historian Ernest Marquez was published by Angel City Press. Introduced to La Senora friends and neighbors at the 1840s era Rancho Cemetery on a beautiful afternoon, volumes of this limited edition book
were happily snapped up to soon become out-of-print Collector's items.
As the year drew to a close, we were delighted to watch the Tinto Tango Orchestra
take home the "Tango Album of the Year"  at the 2021 Latin Grammys.
First  assembled to provide La Senora with a tango concert, This group of musicians
became 'family' to our members during nine seasons of our annual Tango Concert.   
One of the musicians' first calls was to say thank to La Senora
for having given them studio quality rehearsal space
and the sense of 'belonging' they got from being our Tango Orchestra through the past decade.   
As we had done in 2020, we used our  association with many larger historic organizations and educational institutions, to continue La Senora's access to programs...remotely.
While Covid-19 might have shuttered our onsite programs, it led to enriched Zoom events for lectures we'd once had to ration as ‘thank you benefits’ for large donors. 
Once online, La Senora could invite more attendees with no in-person risk ---
and no long drives through rush hour traffic either!

We continued to identify your broader interests and arranged access for you to a wide spectrum of University keynote lectures by noted authorities in their fields.

Live streamed Concerts were brought to you by our long time associated organizations.
Rarer still, we took you into a highly privileged audience for the National Academy of Sciences panel discussions with what had become the ‘household name speakers', Gupta and Fauci, and into the labs of the equally distinguished but lesser known leads of international research and pharmaceutical teams.
During 2020, several brave members were even invited to participate in early stage Vaccine Trials--we all celebrated with the scientific community the remarkable scientific achievements and collaborations brought about by this otherwise dark cloud Pandemic.
All of the substitute programming access of 2020-21 was provided at no cost to our long term supporters. We really missed the ‘neighborliness’ of seeing you at events but we were so grateful to have a way to say thank you via our collaborative organizations' programs making thess unusual Seasons of Access possible.