2013 Events 


Event: Marion Davies Birthday Party at the Beach House
Date: January 6
Time: 12:00:00 PM
The Docents of the Santa Monica Conservancy have invited us to celebrate the anniversary of Marion Davies birth.  Join La Senora as we take a small group of friends (dressed in 1930s costumes or plain attire, as you please) to learn more about Marion's life. 

Event: Land of Smoke and Mirrors
Date: January 9 
Time: 02:00:00 PM
Description: Heritage lecture given as part of the Autry's "Conversations on Convergence" lecture series. These 2013 lectures examine the inter-ethnic connections that have shaped the City of Los Angeles.

Event: All-State Jazz Band
Date: January 18
Two students from the Samohi Jazz program were chosen
to play the leads in the California All State Jazz Band!
There are only 17 students chosen for the All-State Jazz Band and only three lead positions (trumpet, trombone and saxophone). Samohi will have senior Eli Brown as lead trumpet, and junior Kyle McCreight as lead trombone (for the second year in a row). Jazz was a big part of the Salon Era at the Mojica Hacienda during the 1930s .....it had a 'special flavor' with Gershwin composing it at the piano in the Music Salon.

Event: Classical Music Declassified: Trapeze
Date: March 2
The La Senora Classical Music for Youth program begins its 2013 Season with an invitation from The Broad Theater for the first in our Season's series of concerts featuring students from The Colburn School to take place on the Broad stage . Join us for Trapeze. Our second Colburn experience in our 2013 Season will also be at the Broad Stage with a performance by The Colburn School students on March 16 when we hear the music of Wynton Marsalis as inspired by Stravinsky. La Senora is a grantee of The Colburn Foundation lending support to our own onsite classical chamber music programming at the Mojica Hacienda. Our classical programming for youth is supported in part by a grant from the Pacific Palisades Women's Club and the generosity of the Broad Stage.

Event: Classical Music DeClassified: A Fiddler's Tale
Date: March 16
Time: 11:00:00 AM
This is the 2nd in La Senora's youth classical music programs presented courtesy of a collaboration with the Broad Stage and classical music programming support from The Colburn Foundation. La Senora's youth classical music series is supported in part by a grant from the Pacific Palisades Women's Club.

Event: Malibu Coast Silent Film Orchestra
Date: March 17
Montgomery House Silent Film Division presents “Quality Street,” a 1927 silent feature starring Marion Davies. With live score composed and conducted by Maria Newman, a 2011 Annenberg Foundation commission. Performed by the MALIBU COAST SILENT FILM ORCHESTRA. Introduced by WENDY PROBER -SPaCE Salon, Director of Music & SCOTT HOSFELD, Music Director and Conductor of the Malibu Coast Chamber Orhestra and the Malibu Coast Silent Film Orchestra.
MUSIC ROOM, MONTGOMERY ARTS HOUSE, Busch Drive Malibu, California

Event: Pio Pico State Park
Date: March 23, 11:00:00 AM
Description: La Senora Members have been invited to join with Members of The History of LA to experience the State Park honoring Pio Pico was the Governor of California .  El Ranchito, in Whittier is one of the few adobe buildings of the 1850s still standing and in good repair.  Pio Pico was an interesting man who, while Governor, lived at the San Fernando Mission during the Mexican Era of "Secularization".   Near downtown, he also built what was deemed the most extravagant and lavish hotel in Southern California. 

Event: So. California Genealogical Society Training
Date: April 5
Many of our members attend the educational programs by the SCGS every June.  But here's a training session on April 14th.  These helpful folks will answer all your queries and help you build your family tree.

Event: Rancho Education Day - 4th Graders & Cemetery
Date: April 17
This is the program that won the Governor’s Award for Historic Conservation Education. Today is the annual 4th graders pilgrimage for the students of Canyon, Marquez and St. Monica's to visit La Senora Research Institute.  At the Hacienda the students are introduced to the founders of Rancho Boca de Santa Monica by direct descendent and historian, Ernest Marquez.  After a visit to the Rancho Era Chapel, where discussions of life, death and religion on an 1800s rancho take place, the students visit the 1840s Pascual Marquez Family Cemetery (the sole extant private family cemetery in Los Angeles County). The land in front of the Cemetery was brought before the Cultural Heritage Commission in 2010 and, with the help of hundreds of community volunteers, friends and rancho descendants, it received Cultural Heritage Designation.  Donations from neighbors, friends, and rancho descendants allowed La Senora to purchase the land in 2011.  A celebration of the creation of the garden entrance to the Cemetery and the naming of the land "Santuario San Lorenzo" will take place this coming weekend. 

Event: Celebrating Santuario San Lorenzo Cactus Garden
Date: April 20, 2:00:00 PM
Description: Join the friends, neighbors, community leaders and rancho descendants whose efforts and donations made it possible for La Senora to acquire and landmark the sacred land lying between the Pascual Marquez Family Cemetery and San Lorenzo Street.  This is a celebration of all the contributions of time, energy, prayer and funding that went into creating this meditative garden protecting the 1840s cemetery of Rancho Boca de Santa Monica forever.

Event: The Last Pictures
Date: April 25, 07:15:00 PM
Description:  For many years, the Los Angeles Library Foundation has engaged in a celebrated literary series of conversations, readings and performances with today's brightest, curious and most talented minds of Los Angeles. Several Patron Members of La Senora have been in the forefront of sponsoring the continuation of these events.  Those members invite current La Senora members to join us for an unforgettable evening exploring what it is that we value enough to send into the future. 

Event: Center Stage Strings Annual Scholarship Concert
Date: April 26, 07:30:00 PM
Description: One of La Senora's favorite Colburn School faculty members is the highly talented Danielle Belen who is also the co-founder of the Center Stage Strings and its summer camp for young string musicians at Three Rivers. Its annual scholarship concert attracts incomparable guest artists and is absolutely not to be missed if you love classical music and the idea of supporting these young prodigies.

Event: Youth Concert: Who Was Thelonious Monk?
Date: May 4, 11:00:00 AM
Description: The third of our Youth-Oriented concerts scheduled in La Senora's 2013 Season under a collaborative invitation with the Broad Stage, brings our members and their children (of all ages) an interactive musical event. Jazz pianist Eric Reed takes young people on a journey through history and back again to fire up a love of American music. 
Who is Thelonious Monk? introduces audiences to a pianist/composer who was one of the unmatched geniuses of jazz. His music contained dancing rhythms, dissonant harmonies and wild and fun melodies that were even challenging for the musicians in his band. Everyone will gain an enhanced understanding of what swing really is while learning about one of the greatest musical artists of the 20th century.

Event: Cotsen Institute 40th Anniversary
Date: May 4, 01:00:00 PM
Description: It's been 40 years since Lloyd Cotsen made the gift to UCLA to create the Cotsen Institute of Archeology.  Do check out its Fowler Museum Archeological Exhibitions on Open House Day from 1:00 - 4:p.m. La Senora Fellow Wendy Teeter is the Curator of the Fowler Museum and welcomes inquiring minds of all ages to the museum during Open House.

Event: Annual West Los Angeles Symphony 2013
Date: May 5, 07:00:00 PM
Description: La Senora's collaborative music program announces the annual West Los Angeles Symphony at UCLA's Royce Hall. This year's featured soloist will be the Los Angeles Philharmonic cellist, Ben Hong, performing the Hayden Cello Concerto No. 1 in C Major.  Mr. Hong was technical advisor and the featured soloist on the soundtrack for the DreamWorks movie: "The Soloist". Soprano Hae Ji Chang, who recently made her Carnegie Hall debut with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra will sing Mozart's glorious Exsultate Jubilate. The 2013 Symphony is proud to welcome back esteemed guest conductor, Maestro Benjamin Wallfisch, internationally known for his classical conduction, and here at home know as one of the Hollywood music industry's brightest stars.

Event: So. Cal Genealogy Jamboree 2013
Date: June 7-9
Description: It's time again for the genealogy jamboree. This annual event offers beginners to experts a real treat.  La Senora does not attend "as a group"; our members are at different 'knowledge levels' and sign up for different events on different days.  Some just attend the bazaar outside the educational seminars.  You can get your DNA testing kits here too.

Event: Tribute to Jose Mojica: Pelleas y Melisande
Date: July 12, 7:00:00 PM
Description: Join us for a gala evening as the award-winning ensemble "Trio Celeste" let's us spotlight Tenor Jose Mojica (whose first starring opera role was in Debussy's opera at the Chicago Met singing Pelleas to Mary Garden's Melasinde). Trio Celeste is rapidly distinguishing itself as one of the most exciting young piano trio ensembles in the country.  And as a special treat for those of you who were astonished at  the "voice" of the 1742 Guarnari del Jesu in our 2007 Season, it is with pleasure that we tell you the Trio's violinist, Iryna Krechkovsky, performs on the 1689 Baumgartner Stradivarius violin on loan from the Canada Council for the Arts Music. The Pre-Concert Talk will explore the interesting differences between Claude Debussy's and Gabriel Faure's interpretations of the French playwrite Maurice Maeterlinck's work. This will be the highlight of our 2013 Chamber Music Season.

Event: iPalpiti Orchestra at Disney Hall
Date: July 27
Here is the Festival calendar with ticketing and program information.  iPalpiti is a sponsor of the Beverly Hills Auditions collaboration of chamber music venues.  As part of that consortium, La Senora draws many of its concert performers from the selected winners.  The Finale of the Festival is a joyous event each Season.

Event: Saving a Sacred Rancho: In the Canyon
Date: August 3
Join us Saturday afternoon at the Santa Monica Public Library  for a wonderful look at  how a community rallied to save a sacred site in Santa Monica Canyon.  Without the community support -- hundreds of letters and personal appearances at hearings --- impassioned remarks to the Cultural Heritage Commission -- an impressive team of lawyers led by our own Colleen McAndrews Wood (La Senora Board member) and Thomas Larmore -- with the unmitigated support of  Councilman Rosendahl and his Westside legal counsel Norm Kulla -- without all of them, we could not have saved the land in front of the 1840s cemetery which will now provide access for posterity.  And without Art Barron's documentary, we could not show you this example of a 'community on the move'.  Do join us to celebrate the efforts and the accomplishments of all these people.

Event: The Handsome Frog - a Musical Adventure for Children
Date: August 6, 04:00:00 PM
Description: La Senora's musical programming is achieved in collaboration with noteworthy musical partners throughout the city.  Of special interest to us during this 2013 Season has been our opportunity for increased classical programming for youth. We're happy to publicize that a 4th, and concluding, youth chamber music performance will be an original work commissioned by affiliate L.A. Music Salon and performed by The Vientos Trio. The Handsome Frog will be performed at the nearby Westwood Library and is free of charge.

Event: Cowboys of the Palisades
Date: August 15, 07:00:00 PM
Description: La Senora has another fun collaborative event scheduled with the Pacific Palisades Historical Society.  If you ever watched "Westerns" then you need to come see and hear the stories of how the concept developed in California.  Did you know that the first time a Western was shot outdoors was at Inceville?  And did you know that this was the very first Western that was shot west of Chicago?  You are in for a treat.  Eric does his research and fields questions like the pro he is. 

Event: Junipero Serra: Legacies of the California Mission
Date: August 16
Description: This
Members Exclusive Exhibition Preview of the Huntington Exhibit is set to coincide with the 300th Anniversary of Padre Junipero Serra's birth. While this exhibition will become open to the Public and will run until January 2014, this Preview Event will provide a closer look at the exhibition with museum staff on hand to help us understand the significance of the items. Francisco Reyes, the first ancestor of the Marquez/Reyes families of Rancho Boca de Santa Monica, came to California and was attached to Padre Serra in the early 1700s. His marriage investigation is signed by Serra.

Event: Tango Concert Summer 2013
Date: August 24, 06:30:00 PM
Description: An invitation to an historic hacienda in Santa Monica Canyon. After the Supper in the Gardens
, adjourn with your glass of wine into the Mojica Music Salon to listen as the classicists developed the rhythms and idioms of the Soul of Tango, performed so passionately by our classically trained ensemble. After the Concert, Dessert and Coffees in the Gardens, then perhaps to dance within the bougainvillea draped loggia, or –more romantically --to dance in the moonlit gardens while our Tango musicians continue with modern tangos. Following the Classical Tango Concert, the 90-year-old Music Salon of Mexican Opera Star Jose Mojica will convert to a cabaret for dancing tango -- still featuring our Tiempo Tango Musicians now performing traditional Milonga tangos.

Event: Guachos Coming to the Rancho Cordillero del Norte
Date: September 29, 4:00:00 PM
Description: Elisabeth Waldo, noted Mesoamerican ethnomusicologist has invited La Senora members (and guests) to the first of this Season's musical events at Rancho Cordillero del Norte.  Though not on our Westside, a trip to the Rancho teatro is a notable event.  (Carpooling suggested.)  
Please note that this is an afternoon event with tapas and wine after the concert in the Rancho theater. Elisabeth is a La Senora Academic Fellow and this concert is one of her numerous Fellowship Projects.

Event: Life and Death on a Mexican Rancho
Date: October 18, 9:00:00 AM
Description: In the 6thyear of the innovative education program that won La Senora and the Cotsen Institute the Governor's Award for Historic Preservation education, we are adding a Fall program for local high school students who will meet at the Mojica Hacienda to learn about life on an 1839 Mexican Rancho. After visiting with La Senora's Historian, a direct descendant of the Rancho grantees, who will introduce them to Life on a Mexican Rancho, their visit to the Rancho Chapel will lend the stories of death and burials at distant outposts in the 1800s. In the theater, students will see how archaeologists used noninvasive ground penetrating radar to discover the locations of unmarked burials in the historic Rancho Cemetery before they move to the Cemetery itself to view the final resting places of the people they've been learning about.  

Event: Rancho Days Fiesta
Date: October 20
Description: An afternoon of Mexican Traditional activities for the whole family. Learn the rich history of Rancho Boca de Santa Monica and Life on an 1839 Mexican Land Grant. Featuring Storytelling by Rancho Descendants. Join in the dancing, crafts & games in the spirit of the Mexican ‘Roundup’ Fiestas. The menu includes the Rancho favorite roasted goat plus fresh tortilla lessons! During the Rancho Era, the language spoken was Spanish, so please invite your Spanish speaking friends. This Fiesta is the final event of the Rancho Era Education Weekend October 18-20, 2013